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Electronic Test Ordering

Clinicians: Did you know that clinicians in Otago, Nelson and Wellington regions can order tests with SCL electronically, directly from your practice management system? eOrders are sent direct to the laboratory system, improving accuracy and providing your clinical team with real-time information about your requests. For more information visit eorder.co.nz.

Resources for Clinicians

Otago/Southland Referrer Updates

2019 - November The Analyser - Interpretation of intermediate susceptibility; Swab guide; Discontinuation of anti-thyroglobulin
2019 - July The Analyser - Low value test; Hepatitis A virus; Therapeutic venesection; Serum protein electrophoeresis
2018 - December PD-L1 testing; faecal calprotectin; Enteric parasites; Pneumocystis jirovecii; critical results; faxing of results; faeces requests; collection of community urgent samples; consultant-only tests
2018 - October Myositis antibodies; Haemochromatosis gene testing in childred; Pertussis testing; Helicobacter pylori; Hepatitis A; Collection Services; Bariatric Patients; Home visits
2018 - July PATIENT CHARGING; TEST RELATED; HLA DQ2/DQ8 testing; E. histolytica testing; REQUEST RELATED; Repeat requests; REQUIREMENT for CLINICAL DETAILS; Feedback on consultation
2018 - April ANCA Testing; Brucella & Hydatid CFT; Pertussis Serology; Serum Protein Electrophoresis; New creatinine assay (OS); Ingestion of Biotin; Mycobacterium chimaera; Mycoplasma genitalium; Venesection services; Informed consent for Genetic requests; Hospital Requests Electronic requesting; Non-funded tests STI checks on non-residents; SAMPLE COLLECTIONS
2017 - December Internal test transfers; PDL-1 testing; Illumiscreen Prenatal Testing; IDENTIFICATION of PATIENTS​; Requirement for Clinical Details; Bordetella pertussis outbreak; Repeat cards; SAMPLE COLLECTIONS​
2017 - August Requests for free T3; Conjugated Bilirubin in Infants; Faecal Calprotectin; Throat Swabs; Communicable diseases; Mycoplasma genitalium; repeat cards; collection of nasopharygeal swabs; histology/cytology samples
2017 - May Biliary Atresia – early diagnosis; Requests for FT3; Grp A Streptococcal Abs; Bordetella pertussis testing; Respiratory Viral PCR; Helicobacter pylori; Who can order tests; Histology Services; Repeat Cards; Non-eligible patients; Provision of NHIs
2016 - December New testosterone assay; thrombophilia testing; hereditary haemochromatosis; venesection; female genital culture; enteric pathogens; Trichomonas vaginalis; antenatal requests; non-eligible patients; allergy testing; repeat cards; anonymous testing
2016 - September TEST RELATED; Serum Folate; Molecular Diagnostics; Fertility Assessment; Paul Bunnell Testing; Female Genital Swab Processing OS; REQUEST RELATED; REPEAT CARDS; PATIENT CHARGING; THE LABORATORY COLLECTION GUIDE
2016 - May Test related issues; request related issues; sample related issues; patient identification; links for referrers
2016 - March Test update​s; request related issues; sample related issues; home visits
2015 - November Changes in microbiology
2015 - September Test related issues; repeat cards
2015 - July Microbiology update; Harmony testing; immigration testing; sample and request related issues; referrer labelling errors
2015 - May Test updates; sample related issues; request related issues; result reporting
2014 - November Test updates; microbiology matters; communication; specimen misidentification; request forms; restricted and unfunded tests; taxi policy
2014 - July Test updates; repeat cards; new surepath vials; request forms; sample ID acceptance criteria
2014 - May Test updates; request forms; collection centres; practice nurses course; reporting to locums; histology issues; unfunded tests
2014 - February ​Test update​s; reporting of results; patient identification; referral rights; peripheral FNA clinics
2013 - October Allergy testing; test restrictions; seminal fluids; patient identification; test updates
2013 - August Histology samples; microbiology urgents; ESR testing; copies of results to GPs; post-vasectomy semen analysis
2013 - June ​Fasting and CVD risk​ assessment; requisition forms; repeat patients; test updates​

















 (Last updated Nov 2019)