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Resources for Clinicians

We will be posting forms and information for referrers on the page. It is currently a work in progress. Please contact us if there are resources you would particularly like to see posted here.

Southern Referrer Updates

2016 - May Test related issues; request related issues; sample related issues; patient identification; links for referrers
2016 - March Test update​s; request related issues; sample related issues; home visits
2015 - November Changes in microbiology
2015 - September Test related issues; repeat cards
2015 - July Microbiology update; Harmony testing; immigration testing; sample and request related issues; referrer labelling errors
2015 - May Test updates; sample related issues; request related issues; result reporting
2014 - November Test updates; microbiology matters; communication; specimen misidentification; request forms; restricted and unfunded tests; taxi policy
2014 - July Test updates; repeat cards; new surepath vials; request forms; sample ID acceptance criteria
2014 - May Test updates; request forms; collection centres; practice nurses course; reporting to locums; histology issues; unfunded tests
2014 - February ​Test update​s; reporting of results; patient identification; referral rights; peripheral FNA clinics
2013 - October Allergy testing; test restrictions; seminal fluids; patient identification; test updates
2013 - August Histology samples; microbiology urgents; ESR testing; copies of results to GPs; post-vasectomy semen analysis
2013 - June ​Fasting and CVD risk​ assessment; requisition forms; repeat patients; test updates​













 (Last updated 18 October 2017)