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Key Staff

We are proud to employ a team of internationally recognised and qualified pathologists. Many of our pathologists have served with testing authorities such as IANZ and NATA, and advisory committees for the AMA, RCPA and NPAAC. They are Fellows of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia and several hold Fellowships at academic institutions throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia.

There are real benefits to having such a large team of experts. By building a quality team of professionals we endeavour to enhance our relationship with medical staff and patients.

Our Management Team

 Executive Team  
 Dr Peter Gootjes  Chief Executive Officer
 Dr Peter Fitzgerald  Medical Director
 General Managers  
 Andrew Milne  Hawke's Bay SCL
 Vicki McKnight  Wellington SCL
 Rebecca Brosnan  Medlab South - Nelson/Marlborough
 Leanne Giles  Canterbury SCL
 Leanne Giles  Otago/Southland SCL 

Our Pathology Team

 Anatomical Pathologists  
 Dr Peter Fitzgerald  Dunedin
 Dr Michael Lau  Dunedin
 Dr Fenella Devereux  Dunedin
 Dr Martha Nicholson  Dunedin
 Dr Ming Yu  Dunedin
 Dr Roland Lass  Invercargill
 Dr David Roche  Christchurch
 Dr James White  Christchurch
 Dr Lyndsae Wheen  Christchurch
 Dr Shona McDowell  Christchurch
 Dr Margaret Sage  Christchurch
 Dr Martin Lipschultz  Christchurch
 Dr David Vencenti  Christchurch
 Dr Elizabeth Roberts  Nelson/Marlborough
 Dr Mark Houghton  Nelson/Marlborough
 Dr Michael Myskow  Nelson/Marlborough
 Dr Graeme Taylor  Nelson/Marlborough
 Dr Philip Botha  Timaru
 Dr Lesley Joblin  Hawkes Bay
 Dr Elena Bishop  Hawkes Bay 
 Chemical Pathologists  
 Dr Geoff Smith  National
 Dr Guy Mulligan  Christchurch
 Dr Richard Doehring  National
 Dr Arlo Upton  Dunedin
 Dr Antje van der Linden  Dunedin
 Dr James Ussher  Dunedin
 Dr Richard Everts  Nelson/Marlborough
 Dr Anna Byrne  Dunedin
 Dr Shingi Chiruka  Dunedin
 Dr Bridgett McDiarmid  Dunedin
 Dr Luke Merriman  Nelson/Marlborough
 Dr Ian Morison  Dunedin
 Dr Annette Neylon  Dunedin
 Dr Lucy Pemberton  Dunedin
 Dr Mustafa Saydoon  Dunedin